Miyazaki Coin Display (My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away)

I bought these Miyazaki tokens from an online store last year. Finally got around to making a display for them. There are three coins, in the photo the top is the front side and the bottom is the back of the same coins. I made two of them one for me and the other for a gift. Both the front and back are from proof grade clear acrylic and the middle layer is proof grade maple hardwood. I did remove the tape from the maple hardwood before etching the images on the front and back. I tried it with the tape on but ending up only etching the tape. The coins refer to the movies “My Neighbor Totoro” , “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and “Spirited Away”.


Something cool to note, if you like studio ghibli, they have been releasing photos of their movies on their website, free to use with common sense or something like that.


Do you have a link? My daughter might like something?

Here’s a link, the coins they have are nickel in color now. Toys and Collectibles | Spoke Art


Just click on the movie and the still images you can use are there.

This is what it says:

Please feel free to use the images within the bounds of common sense.


Lovely coin holder! It adds a lot to the coins, to have them so beautifully displayed.

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Thanks! Never too soon to start Xmas projects.


That’s awesome! I didn’t know they sold collector coins and the engrave goes perfectly well. Good job!

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Thanks so much!

These look awesome. Love the way you did the corners.