Model 3 vs. Glowforge


I just realized there’s a legitimate possibility that I’ll get my model 3 before my glowforge. If that happens, I’m going to lose a bet to my husband. :fearful: I can’t believe I haven’t been worrying about this earlier. I thought it was such a safe bet, being naive about how crowdfunded manufacturing works.

Of course, glowforge hasn’t had employees passing out from exhaustion on the factory floor, so I can take solace in that. I suspect working for @dan is much more pleasant than working for Elon Musk.

I ordered in early December shortly after the glowforge campaign ended. I ordered the Model 3 about 6 days into the pre-orders. How cool would it be to get both on the same day. Anyone else out there looking out for both?


I was really close on pulling the trigger on a Model 3, and if I didn’t have my own scratch-built EV project underway, I likely would have (the Model 3 is considerably cheaper than my project LOL)… or I may have just gone with a used Model S.


I don’t think you’re getting the Model 3 this year based on Elon’s projections and the # of presales. :slight_smile:


What’s a Model 3?


It’s Tesla’s latest “entry level” sedan, electric car.



Gotcha! :smile:


They have a little more disposable cash than I.


What, are they expensive? (I don’t usually notice cars until the one I’m in quits and it’s time for a new one.)


Model 3’s are at the $35k-$50k range depending on options.


Yeah, that’s pricey enough. I pitch a fit at hubs when he spends that much on his vehicles. (But he does use them a lot, so it comes with the territory I guess.) :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s the affordable version of the all electric Tesla vehicles. The other Tesla cars have been very expensive. This one is supposedly the entry point for middle income earners. I’m excited about the electric aspect, but really the self driving technology is the most important thing to me. Tesla certainly isn’t there yet with software, but the car is outfitted with the hardware, so presumably, they could get there. I personally think that Google will get there first with the waymo, but I think they’re probably two years away from market, hence the model 3. I figure if it turns into an HD/Bluray kind of thing, I’ll still have a pretty decent car that isn’t quite self driving and I could sell it and buy a waymo. The waymo isn’t quite as pretty, but I really don’t care how it looks. If I don’t have to put gas in it and it drives me around, I’ll be thrilled.


That sums it up for me. I want to be able to kick back and relax during my 30 minute drive into work. Of course, everyone would have to have a self-driving car for me to truly relax. :wink:


Self-driving ought to be interesting to see. :slightly_smiling_face:


If your commute is only 30 minutes, you could probably do it all-electric if you got a Chevy Volt. It doesn’t drive itself but I love mine…and haven’t put gas in it yet (bought it 6 months ago).


I’m more interested in “self-driving” than all-electric (although that’s a close second). Basically I want to get into the car, tell it to take me to work and to start playing my audiobook, and then kick back for the next half hour. It’s not quite a flying car, but I could live with it. :smile:


I prefer driving the car. Strip down the interior, take away all the distracting junk (except stereo) and put pedal to the floor!


Pedal to the metal on the ground, autopilot in flight :grin:


Always wondered why pilots always sound so relaxed while the plane is in the air. :smiley:


Yes, having it drive itself while you kicked back to listen to a book would be lovely! :blush: