Model Warships - Decks and more

I am a model warship builder, and I am going to use this mean machine to make my ships event better. I am planning on using the etch feature to scribe out the aircraft carrier decks to give one long board look like 1000 small ones. Also adding the little hatches and tie downs will make my ships even cooler.

In the past I have done them on a large scale, and paid $100s of dollars, and traveled hours to a laser ship. Now I will have one in my own studio. Here is the type of things I will be doing:
USCGC Bertholf Helicopter Landing Deck

i can’t wait!!!
Thanks for making this amazing machine.
Salem MA


Whoa! That’s amazing. Can’t wait to see what you do with a GF.

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My only question is: Is it easy to do full and scribing lasers in the same session? It would be great to do the full cuts and half at the same time. I am really looking forward to pushing the GF to its limits. Wood, Foam, and maybe even some metal if it can do it.

Great Product Dan. Really excited about what the new tools that you are providing.
Thanks for the chance to use it.

Absolutely. Use a different color for each one and you can assign power levels to them separately.

What is the difference between “Full” and “Scribing” laser? My google-fu did not come up with easily understandable answers

I assume he means vector motion but full = cut through; scribing = mark the surface but don’t cut.