Modeling an eleven cylinder rotary engine, in acrylic

I recently saw a video of an actual rotary engine that had been cut away to expose the cylinders, and made into a sort of “kinetic art” wall hanging. it was very cool. I was quite taken with it, so had to try making my own. Here’s the result!


Neat project!!

The old WWII Avengers with those 1,900 horse power radial engines used to buzz my fire lookout tower at full throttle and almost 300 miles per hour on the way back to Missoula after dropping fire retardant on the big Idaho / Montana fires in 1967.

The wind blast would shake the entire lookout structure that sat on spindly legs twenty feet in the air over the top of the mountain. The blast would also knock me back against the lookout cabin when I was standing on the catwalk.

The end of the wing would be just feet from me, could almost reach out and touch it. Great flying by those pilots.

There is no better or more thrilling engine sound than from a radial at full throttle!!!


Just to be technically accurate…

Here is a rotary engine:

Here is a radial, fewer cylinders than you made:


I like old things. Takes one to know one, guess.

Cool project!

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Ahh! Right on. Radial cylinder engine is a better description? The rotary engine is like that of the Mazda Wankel engine? – I think I might have to try one of those next. :slight_smile:


Wow! That must have been thrilling to have those planes buzz by! Awesome!

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Wow, very impressive!

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