Modern A-Frame Mini Greenhouse Kit

Anyone else do this project and find it is missing piece #5 which is the back acrylic piece? It is shown in the instructions and ‘the gather and identify your pieces’ but not in the design that comes up in the dashboard.


I have not - but any chance that the back acrylic is the same as the front acrylic so you cut the same shape twice?

Unfortunately not.

Isn’t it on sheet four - the sheet with "Good things Grow Here?’

Sheet 4Dash

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Thanks! Maybe it’s just a glitch on my downloaded file, because that sheet in my dashboard only has pieces 10,11 and the two seed jars. No 5. I tried to delete to redownload, but the delete is grayed out.

I just came on here to ask the exact same question. Mine didn’t show up either. Same part.


Glad it’s not just me. I can’t even delete the file to redownload.

Me either I reset it too

Yes, I tried that too. Also tried renaming the file thinking I could delete then and redownload, but that didn’t work either. I love the project otherwise though. Hope we can get the missing part so we can finish it.

Agree this is when I loose all the parts because someone bumped it or found a cute part to use. Because I didn’t finish. :crazy_face:

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lol. So any thoughts on how we get the missing piece? Do you think glowforge will fix it? Send it to us? Are we out of luck?

You can report problems with the file on the catalog page.

Thanks! I didn’t know that!

Is there anyway some one can send me just item number #5 from the acrylic file with exact dimensions noted, so I can finish my project? Just need the back piece of the green house in acrylic.?Understand if this is not allowed under glowforge protocols. (which is probably not) but I love this design and just want to finish.

There’s no way anyone can send it…the catalog files are protected from exporting. Support will have to address it for you, they can send you a fresh version of the file.


Did you ever figure it out?

No. Hoping Glowforge responds tomorrow. Can’t really put it together without that piece.

Yes but weirdly my sheet four was missing #5. I just had the sign, the front and the 2 seed jars.

Oh no! I’m so sorry for the trouble. I’ve reached out to our team for a solution and will post an update here when I hear back.