Modern House Numbers

Put a lot of time and thought into creating some new, modern street numbers for my house.
I wanted them to be high-contrast and easy for the delivery drivers to see.
But I also wanted a modern flare that really made it unique.
Finally, I settled on the design below.
Nothing like implied lines to show sophistication.
As Da Vinci is credited with saying, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”
I think my house numbers embody that quote — and I’ve now got a new product I’m going to start ramping up sales for!


It is indeed very cool. But if it were on the side of my house the squirrels would figure out a way to play Tetris with those pieces and garble everything up! :laughing:


electrify the metal plate they’re attached to.


great job have to try something like that

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If the metal is ferrous you could make actual numbers out of wood, add some thin rare early magnets. Figure out a style for each season, holiday, etc.

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