Modifing Glowforge

If you can adjust material height to cut thicker materials.
Can you cut the bottom out of machine build air tight risers of different heights to set machine on? I’m not sure why this won’t work as long as focus distance is correct.
Has any one tried this yet?

If you use the search option, I know you’ll find one other person has done it…I remembering reading the post about a year ago. Let’s see if I can find it. It’s one of these. The first one is a definite.


But yes, it would work. The only thing the GF cares about is how far the top surface of the workpiece is from the laser head. How far the bottom surface is only matters if you intend to try and cut all the way through.

There is the potential complication of airflow across the heat exchangers that cool the laser with the large openings presented by a bottom cut-out that alters the airflow. :thinking:

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It has been done - voids your warranty and may be refused for out of warranty repairs so plan accordingly.


It’s like a water-cooling rig for a computer processor. The fans are mounted to and draw directly through the radiator. The GF enclosure being enclosed is only important for the smoke evacuation to work effectively (and in the Pro with passthrough open, not even then). The cooling system should work the same with no enclosure at all…

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You’re right. :roll_eyes:

I did say air tight risers. would not effect current air intakes.

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Thanks mates for the knowledge. Now to get braveand cut a 6,000 case lol.

Read this first.


If they truly did care they would have made it able to engrave thicker materials.
Also would not hold you and your machine hostage with “premium servers”.
and closed source software.
And I would not have bought a glowforge had I know these two important facts.
They should be up front about there hostage tactics.

Jules was just trying to ensure you knew about the consequences of modifying the machine regarding repairability.

No one is forcing anyone to make a choice they don’t want to. The machines work just as fast as they have for years, premium servers are offered if the customer wants faster file preparation. It’s an option, not a forced change. :wink:

I understand and agree with the open-source ethos, however, that’s not the route the founders chose, it’s their prerogative - as it was mine (and yours) weather or not to purchase the offering.
Personally, I have enjoyed the benefits of having a connected machine. The laser has continued to add features and the software continues to evolve. It’s more capable than the machine I purchased.

Nothing was hidden, I was well aware of the operational parameters 5 years ago when I bought mine. My biggest reservation was the 2" Z-axis, but nothing in the price range could touch what the glowforge offered.

I did choose to modify mine by removing the exhaust fan and the fan grill, which I consider a solid improvement.
If you choose to do that mod, please post about your results for the benefit of the community, and
Good Luck!


These statements are both false and lacking in logic.



Thank you Sir.

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So no slow down if you don’t pay?

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Nope, just faster servers if you pay extra. You stay on the same servers everyone was on pre-offering if you don’t pay. Also, in some updates they make improvements to the platform to speed up/make the processing more efficient for everyone.

Thank You.

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