Modifying Air Filter

Has anyone modified the air filter to use different filters? Just curious if anyone has tried so it’s not costing over 200 a pop?

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The filters with pore size that small (necessary to actually stop odors) all run about the same price. Anything cheaper wouldn’t do what this one needs to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can try using a pre-filter to extend the life of the cartridge a bit. Some folks were tossing a Honeywell prefilter on top to catch the larger particles.


There have been a few threads about this but they might be hard to find. Let me try a few searches.


Ok so I started with searching “filter rebuild” and found this thread:

You might want to try the search too, there may be more.


Then I tried “filter cartridge” and it was a ton of discussions. Definitely check that one out, it looks to have threads about alternate sources and how to clean filters, I think it’s just what you’re looking for.

Search is awesome if you know the specific terms people use here. If you don’t know them it’s terrible. Hopefully this helps.


Thank you!