Moire? coaster with initials


A friend wanted a coaster with his initials…

maybe a bit fragile but fun.


Wow, really nice effect!


looks amazing! will have to figure out how to replicate that




Oooo, very nice!


That is original. Wow.


Oh yeah that’s cool! :grinning:


Wow amazing.


Maybe at a thin 1/16th layer of acrylic over top of it to protect it from getting broken. Really cool effect though


i was just going to suggest the same. or even a layer on the bottom, which would add some stability, but wouldn’t obstruct the view.


You could fill it with clear or a colored epoxy. Maybe even use some glow in the dark powder, like this,


It’s made of win.


Your friends name is ‘Men in Black’?


Really impressive. Could I ask, did you construct that in Illustrator or, as they say, is there an app for that?


Really cool! If you just didn’t have the slots go all of the way through, it would be considerably more rigid. However, it would not look as cool when you hold it up! ha


Thanks all,
No, unfortunately no app… took me half a day from “make a coaster with initials”, trying different ideas, and work out the details for the final design.

Things get much easier and more rigid when have a continuous border around the letters (like around the B) and horizontal/vertical lines don’t have to line up (like in the M).


Absolutely stunning effect!


Wow! Very neat! You did an awesome job!


The video is mesmerizing! Your friend better invite you over to use the coaster :slight_smile: