Just got my Glowforge Plus today…inside the plastic bag, there was moisture on the printer lid and on the case on the exhaust end. Has anyone else had this happen?

Sent email to support…not sure if calling will help.

Yike! If it’s a significant amount of moisture, it’s possible that the tube glass got cracked in shipping–that has happened to a few folks. You should carefully inspect the whole glass tube. Another possibility is that fluid somehow leaked out of the reservoir (on the interior left hand side of the instrument). Can you look it over and see where the moisture is coming from? If it’s just a little bit, you might not have damage after all.

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How much moisture are we talking about? Condensation sometimes forms on the inside of the bag during transit, especially if shipping to cooler climates. If you can easily wipe it up with a single paper towel, you’re probably ok.

If you need a sponge, there’s probably been a coolant leak and support will provide guidance.

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I am now gonna take it out of the bag.

It doesn’t look like much…

Why don’t you take a photo first? That helps people to see how much you’re talking about.

You can drag the photo onto an open post and drop it on a separate line and it will load.

If it is only on the outside of the case, probably condensation. If it’s on the inside, could go either way.

I agree with @Jules – a photo would be very helpful.

Best of luck!

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Is the laser tube suppose to have a air bubble? if it is, there is no damage that I can see. And no water inside the printer!!!

Yes, there is a bubble after shipping, and there will be some gurgling the first time you turn it on. After that, the tube will be filled with fluid but you won’t see it.


Thanks for everything!!! Everyone!!!


Sounds great, keep us posted!

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I’ve never had a coolant leak. But those that have describe it as kind of a slippery, oily substance.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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