Moment photocase engrave

Just did a custom engrave on the M-series case w/ the Walnut Wood inlay.

used “Thin Walnut Veneer” & “SD Graphic” settings with “Vary Power” of the black kanji. I did not use any masking.

For the next try, I will probably mask somehow, and maybe reduce power, as the engrave is a bit deep.

Does anyone have any idea what the shine is near the engrave, and how I might get rid of it? Would masking have prevented it?


Residue from the engrave. I like to use plain white vinegar on small areas, but alcohol works well, too.


Beautiful outcome on the phone case, btw. I like the deep engrave. And you can always have the option of filling that with epoxy resin if you’d like. But I think it’s perfect.


The white vinegar did the trick. Thank you for the tip. FYI, the engrave is ~.018" deep.

I would probably ruin it if I tried to fill with epoxy. (plus, don’t have a vacuum chamber to get the bubbles out after mixing) so will leave as is.


That’s exactly what masking is meant for, it catches the smoke and resin vapors and prevents that. On a simple design like that, there’s no reason not to use it.

It is great to see this project! Thank you for sharing the image and details.
I am researching if the Moment Canvas backed cases will also allow for engraving…just trying to figure out what the canvas is treated with.