Moms who Cook

I was putting Christmas package together to send to my sister and her family in the Lower 48 tonight. I always try to add something cute or funny to her present as a decoration, and this year I’m sending her a cookbook. While shopping yesterday I found some $1 bamboo wooden utensils and decided they would make a nice addition - once Glowforged up a bit. Here’s the final product that will be added to her cookbook. I’m still learning, and the spoon is not a good as the spatula, but I’m getting there. I know she’ll love them.


That’s a great idea. We have a set of those bamboo utensils. They are actually pretty good utensils. Pretty sure we paid more than a dollar for them though.

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Hahahaha–love the quotes!

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Haha these are hilarious. Well done.

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Too Funny!