Monday Morning Spit-Take

Minding my own business…Getting ready for lunch…hmmm…I haven’t checked in on Glowforge progress in awhile (after an anxiety filled late june/fingerscrossed state of mind that had to be quelled by going dark). I guess I’ll just move my cursor over…

phone buzz new email…!@#*#*@^!@! "Would I like my Glowforge now?"
double take "Would I like my Glowforge now?"
nods vigorously to no one in particular
*panics about logistics…fills in forms
gets back around to checking forum/delivery spreadsheet (and fills in my email received date).

but…I got THE email :slight_smile:

Unfortunately with shipping times, it might not be quick enough to do a couple projects I wanted to crank out for my nieces before a week long trip…leaving next week. My travel window was also lining up with California delivery times based on email to received…so I guess it’s shipping to work (bay area). Less than ideal but a reasonable solution to my scheduling problem.

ps. This is my first post in the forums. I’ve been lurking but I figure I’d have to break the ice at some point. Hello! I think my lasercapades will mostly be documented on my instagram accounts: @wynotwyanne or @thehappinessfield (which also has some woodworking and sewing project work).


Yay!!! Excited for you! :tada::tada::tada:


Congratulations!! So many Golden Tickets!! :grinning:


OMG, so it is great that we are posting the times we received the E mails, but we should also be posting where we are located for an idea of how they are being shipped to. By dates, or by logistics? Just another thing to track or watch the patterns. I dunno, I know when I see the E mails, I like seeing their order times but I wanna know where they are!!! Who is getting the trickling e mails, lol This would be my info, for example, it has purchase, time stamp, type and location.

Sep 28, 2015 7:17 AM - Pro - San Diego, CA

I know, the geek in me sometimes makes my mind race for patterns, lol

Wyanne mentioning CA inspired me, I was like DING!!!
Congrats on E mail!!!


Hello! and Congratulations!

Congratulations and don’t forget to download the User Manual from the link in the email when you get it. :sparkler::sparkles::balloon::tada::grinning:



I love seeing these email post!

almost forgot to click that link. thanks for the reminder.

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Additional info:

Sep 24, 2015 8:57 PM - Basic + Filter - Bay Area CA


You can also post your info to the Crowdsource GF Shipping board
EDIT: I see you are both on it.


Thanks Hugh, I know it is there but sometimes it is more fun to see them on the forums, instead of having to track the link down if some do not know about it or just haven’t bothered with it. Doesn’t seem like a big deal to ask while we are all posting when we made our purchases to add where we are located just to see at a glance.

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Better than the alternative. I deferred my shipment because it conflicted with my vacation last month. Now I am waiting to be re-invited.

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Congratulations! :glowforge::proofgrade::squee::squeee::squeeee:

If you need something soon, I’m sure there is someone around you that would be willing to help out. I would, but unfortunately I’m on the other coast. If its something small enough to fit in an envelope, let me know. :grinning:

bummer. that was my worry about delaying ~10 days.

And such a happy one!

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So I guess it’s only been 2 weeks (out of the 6 week shipping window)…but I feel like I’m just twiddling my thumbs, seeing others around me get their actual shipping notices/received units. Sigh. Maybe I’ll get to play with lasers over the weekend? Most Bay Area deliveries seem to happy next day after tracking numbers are sent…fingers crossed.

At least I have my :proofgrade: materials box?


FWIW, I’ve noticed that most of the :glowforge: deliveries that we’ve seen have followed very closely behind the :proofgrade: materials. Hope this proves true in your case as well.

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