Money box

After making the glowing acrylic sign for the dog bake sale at my wife’s hospital, they needed a cash box for the funds. So a quick 5 minute in OnShape and had a basic cash box design. I cut this from Baltic Birch 1/8 ply and glued it with CA glue. Then stained it with Danish Oil. It was weird I could not get the CA glue to hold the parts together, unless I used the accelerant. Even with box clamps. To get into the box I left a side unglued (you can’t quite see it, but there are finger holes on the sides, and I made many tabs on the joints to allow for a good friction fit on the side that is unglued. When I looked at the cutout engrave of the DR I felt like adding a fake John Oliver quote “Americans are so ignorant of geography, that that’s not even the DR it’s actually Denmark” or something.



Great job … Will really add to the appearance of the table.

Cool! I’ll bet it was much appreciated.

I prefer dog stewed rather than baked but still it is a nice box. :dog:


You are soooo bad. :joy:


:smile: Nice collection box.

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