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I am very new to Glowforge community. I purchased a money clip from Things Remembered and was hoping to engrave it. Can someone please help me with the setting? I would be very grateful.

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What is important is the material, not the item. What is the money clip made of? If it is metal, there are no Glowforge settings since the Glowforge cannot engrave metal.

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Thank you for responding. I have a Glowforge Plus, I didn’t realize you can engrave on metal. Yes, the money clip is metal.

If the clip is painted metal or anodized aluminum, you could use the settings for MacBooks. If the clip is not painted, you can use a marking agent such as CerMark. In looking online at Things Remembered, the money clip I see seems to be stainless steel with a gunmetal finish. It may be possible to engrave the finish off, but no 40 watt CO2 laser can actually engrave metal. You won’t hurt your Glowforge if you do try to engrave the item.


I see some of them that you can attach stuff to and attaching a piece of exotic wood with engraved initials could be worth while.

I will pick up a bottle of CerMark. Would you be willing to share the MacBook settings? I appreciate all of your assistance.

The MacBook settings are Glowforge Proofgrade settings. Select Silver MacBook Pro from the drop down materials list.


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