Monitoring a job

I currently have my GF over on the other side of the house from where I work/relax. Fully understand you shouldn’t leave it unattended, but for a LONG job, it can be tedious to just stand around - and I can’t bring her into my office space because I am often on conference calls.

Found a quick and easy solution to keep an eye on things - I happen to have two phones, personal and work, so I just started a facetime call and have my work phone propped where it can see the bed and the job in-progress. If you don’t have two phones, you could always facetime from the phone back to your computer. Or skype.

Lots of other options out there, but wanted to share this for those that just want a quick and free solution.


Gold star, sir.

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Great idea. I was thinking a cheap webcam would work too.


I use a baby monitor. :slightly_smiling_face:


What’s your point? I thought the Glowforge WAS your baby? :crazy_face: (IS?)


Yup! :smile:


Like I said, lots of options.

One thing about my solution is that the picture is massively HD - I was cutting chipboard and the air assist blows embers out like sparks from a grinder (not as many but just as fast and impressive) - you could clearly see these via. facetime video. In fact, that’s why I decided to set this up, because I’d not cut anything that produced as much “glowing residue” and wanted to make sure it didn’t erupt mid-cut.


I’ve thought about potentially doing the “Snowden Surveillance” using an old iPhone to keep an eye on the print job while I’m not in the room.

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