Monosyth's Glowforge: First Day! So many things! Easier than expected


Today was my first day with the Glowforge and I had no idea what to expect. So I made the ruler, but it wasn’t obvious in the instructions that I didn’t have to download software and that I was already right there with all the projects and just need to put some wood in, and hit print. But then, I couldn’t be stopped.

So I made a few things, tests, etc. Images./photos are so easy. This thing is smart. Can’t wait to do more!

(I plan to just keep updating this thread with my creations, if that’s ok with this community. I’ve done that with other forums, and like to keep track of my progress in one thread.)


Looks to me like you’re pretty smart yourself! Glad you got your Glowforge…and I can tell you’re going to have so much fun!


That’s a heck of a first day! Great work!


A few more things this evening… so much fun!


We have these boring ikea lamps at work. I’ve been entertaining the idea of covering mine with something like this. Very nice.


It’s so cool to see someone happy and excited about their new machine and creating such great things. And I think it’s a great idea to just keep adding to your thread! Can’t wait to see what you make next :slight_smile:


A lot of pent-up creativity being released here. Stand back, everybody! :laughing:


Very nice work right out of the gate. What is the base you are using for your edge lit pieces.


It really is a remarkable machine. I don’t know how many people are still waiting for their Glowforges, but your testimony adds to the chorus thrilled with this thing and glad that they waited. I don’t know if it’s better to update a post with new work or add new posts. I tend to watch the new posts list and only follow single posts that were really interesting. I don’t know what other people do.


In my opinion, that’s what makes GlowForge so great - you get an affordable machine but don’t have to figure out all the settings, the GFUI and proofgrade materials take out all the guesswork…


Nice projects! (Can’t wait to see Day 3.) :grinning:


You’re not the only one. Go for it.


Perfectly okay, but more people will see them if you create new threads for the projects. Adding to an existing thread makes things easy to miss. Discourse gives us New notifications for new threads, and a lot of people only read the New listings. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, users like us were a target market, to open the door for the uninitiated - and they nailed it!

For 2 years here both new and unread were kept at zero.
Personally since the forum has exploded I can only keep up with new posts, my unread count is now at 3393!
So Jules is right I think.


The Dismiss button is your friend. :smile:


Right behind you at exactly 200 less…31393.


Still zero.:no_mouth:


Thought you were gonna cut back after 200k? :rofl:


Not reading every word now. About every fifth word and kinda guessing what is said.


Yeah, ditto that. It’s kind of amusing when I miss. :smile: