Monthly baby Milestone Decorations

When I download the baby milestone decorations, I only get 8 out of the 12. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. I see 12 in the catalog, but when I click on open my design only 8 appear. I put my zoom to 25% in case they were on the side and I could not see them but they were not there. Thank you for your help

There should be two files in your Dashboard.


Oh okay, but I only see one file. Do you know where the second file might be? I’ll keep looking now that I know what the problem is. Thanks for your help. Greatly appreciated

They often won’t appear side by side. Search your Dashboard for “monthly” and if you really only got one of the files, contact Glowforge support.


Thank you, that was what happened and I found file number 2 someplace else not even close to file number 1. You were a great help


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