Monthly update?


Someone had to ask. I’ll step up.
This may be the latest one yet. I’m probably wrong about that, but I think we are due to get some news.


Yeah yeah! What’s up November?!



@dan just answered this one in the October thread:




Yeah I just saw that =/. Hopefully he’s behind because he went to see Thor or Blade Runner. So good



It’s funny because I was thinking this morning how nobody had asked, and to me it’s a good sign that so many have been delivered and people are too busy lasering away on stuff. :wink:


Well. I’m one of the ones who is in Limbo- between receiving my Proofgrade and my Glowforge. Until then, I have nothing else to do but be the squeaky wheel.

I had missed @dans answer in the Oct update. It’s very long and it’s easy to miss. At this point I’m kinda just skimming it because it went off the rails so many times, and is so long.


Saw Thor last night, and Blade runner last night. That would be a 5.5 hr delay in writing the update. Most of it could have been written during the previews.

Crap, I may have just derailed my own thread.


oh man… it sounds like you had an amazing day! I saw Thor again last night after writing this. (I love moviepass!)

Whatd you think?!


I just ordered Moviepass myself. Hoping it works in my area.


Saw Blade runner last Thursday, and Thor last night.
Both were amazing. Thor was really funny.

I am totally spoiler free. I don’t even watch the previews, so there were a lot of surprises for me!


At some point, they won’t be able to call it a November update.


Still behind. :confused: Sorry!

At some point this month my better half said “I don’t care how much work you have tonight, you’re coming to see Thor.” And then one of our principal engineers heard and shoved me out the door. And I’m glad, because it was terrific.


That’s completely understandable. If you can’t have fun, why work?

I’m more curious about what’s keeping you so busy, now that the production line should be humming along, and requiring less and less input from you and your staff.


Would I be correct in assuming that the top header isn’t being updated anymore since we now all have our own shipping email estimates? Or is it just that there are that many GFs that were ordered on those days that it is taking a few weeks per “day” to fulfill?


I suspect the latter. It took the impending end of the opportunity to jolt me into pulling the trigger. I’m sure I wasn’t alone!


We have new initiatives constantly to improve the user experience, minimize defects, and increase production speed even more. We’re working on international shipping, air filter, pro passthrough software, and so on. Plus - we’re going to have to start actually marketing our product sometime soon! :slight_smile:

It’s being updated at least once a week, but there were a lot of orders near the end.


It looks like it’s been updated. 25/30 now.