Moon Dice box

Another dice box I made. The weird shapes are fun but very difficult to clamp the layers together sometimes. idk I’m launching my shop this week so hopefully people will like them.


Love the design, magnets top it totally off :grinning:


Let me introduce you to my friend 1/16" brass rod.

You can use it as a really nice registration pin to keep your layers aligned as you glue them. I always use them for stuff like this.

And in my other tricky alignment projects, like mandalas.


I think I understand what you’re suggesting @evansd2, but just to be sure…

For tricky gluing of layers, do you cut a tiny hole in each layer for the brass rod? And then slide the brass rod through when you glue to hold everything all lined up?

Do you take the rod out later? Just leave it in?

I’ve struggled with gluing layers here and there and I like the sounds of this technique.



More like twist. The holes I use are very tight, so I have to push and twist them in. You could back off a bit to make the holes a little looser but I like the precision.

Yes! Depends on the project. Sometimes I take the rods out, then cut tiny stubs of the rods and insert them back in so it looks like a whole rod is in place, but use only a fraction of the brass.

The concept is called a registration pin, and they don’t have to be brass. @rbtdanforth is fond of bamboo skewers, others have used wooden dowels, etc. They don’t even have to be round, you could cut registration pegs out of 1/8" material, or use precut square dowels… it’s a really versatile technique.


I like this one even better!


I think this one will be a hit!


Very original dice box. Takes thinking outside the box seriously.

As to alignment, if you have 1/16 dowel alignment holes you can pin them for perfect alignment. Any sort of pin would work, but dowels are easy to work flat on the finished piece.
Working the dowel end into the art can be tricky, but your eye looks like a great candidate.


Really cute design!
If you are going to sell the boxes and not the patterns, maybe make a gluing jig for each design.
hmm… or maybe something like pegboard where you could move the pegs around to hold the outside of each design… I could have used this idea Yesterday!

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Make them part of the design element. OK, now I have to go make somehting.

Really nice work and really good community follow up. As a rookie, I love it when others share techniques that can eventually make the work we do better. Thank you everyone.