Moon Phase Indicator

I had the parts for this already, just had to find time to assemble them. I had a few production setbacks, but finally got it put together. This is another project I converted over to cuttle, could have done the same in illustrator.

The LEDs don’t photograph very accurately. The image is much “grayer”. I did not added blue moon calculations.

It uses an ESP8266 to turn on one of 8 lights on an LED strip. I had problems with the FASTLED library and switched to the NEOpixel one. Since my board already had wifi I use it to correct the time each day. No need to waste space on a RTC board. I am still getting a hot spot even after adding another spacer layer and a piece of white cardstock. I am going to try print some on my 3D printer when I get some white filament.


Very cool!!! Love anything to do with the moon.

Happy cake day!!!


This is so cool! Happy cake day!!!


This is a great idea! Happy cake day from me also :cake:

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Happy Cakeday @bwente, six years & counting… :cake:


I love the sweeping appearance of the phases. Happy Cake Day!

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If you have an LED behind a flat lens you will always get a hot spot. You will need to make a cone lens to diffuse the brighter light from the center of the LED lens. I have had good luck printing a cone with translucent PETG for diffuse LED lenses.


Felicitations! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So much love


Well done

Great project! I have something similar. I have a pineapple that tells the weather with LED lights that change color as the variables change and as the color trends you can get a foggy idea of how the weather will turn. Mixing the GF and electronic gizmo stuff is very fun!


What a chance to confer and collect stuff from Skycraft. They would have many ideas about how to even the light out or other inspirations.

Fabulous design. Smart savings on the RTC too. Are your moon pieces engraved frosted acrylic?

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Not like I need another device on my WiFi. But it was pretty simple to add and I am not taking it anywhere.

Just clear proofgrade acrylic. I did end up painting and using 3D engrave.


The moon phases look really sharp. I love how it’s not just a traditional flat disc/part of a disc. Adding the terrain look to it and the jagged edges steps it up a ton over more traditional designs.


that’s VERY cool. Love how 3d it is. Thanks for the info on how you did it.

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This is absolutely STUNNING! :heart_eyes:

This is for @rbtdanforth … Saw them at Makerfaire Orlando today.


I would really like to make it back there. They would even probably buy my dead power chairs as they could be put to many applications.

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