Moonstone and opal

Hi everyone I have the pro I was wondering if anyone has done any work ( cutting,etching,engraving) on Moonstone or opal ?

Welcome to the community. If you use the search feature, you will find lots of information in general about engaving on stones.


I have not attempted this, but searching the forum using various search terms can help find some answers to this, or at least further your research. :slight_smile:

(Technically the Glowforge doesn’t etch, it engraves, but many people use the two terms interchangeably.)

I also often use Google as there is an even wider net of people using CO2 lasers that can be helpful. You might have to be more broad with your search terms using Google because there is a laser machine called an Opal that does medical procedures or something, hahahaha. That might clutter up the feed.

This one is a little off-topic but it shows another way people have used laser designs along with gemstones to work around the fact that you can’t cut it or something.


By the way, Welcome! :smiley:

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I worked with gemstones for many years and I would not touch opal with a laser unless I had no use for the opal. Even great Australian opal has a delicate balance with water and I have carved some that would break if allowed to dry at the most extreme so had to be kept in water. At the best it would lose color and much more likely it would shatter.

A moonstone might survive but I would not test on a good one. Agates are much better subjects except for the purple ones that would see the purple vanish.


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