More acetal belt buckles

I made a couple more buckles today. I wanted to see if there was any difference between the white and the black acetal. The only thing I really noticed was that the “smoke stains” on black were more visible as seen here.

since the debris from cutting seems to be white, it shows up pretty well on a black surface. It does just wash off easily with some water though. This was a belt for my nephew.

I couldn’t leave my nieces out though

Here are some closer shots of both.


Good to see acetal cuts well as it is a good engineering material for mechanical parts.


Nice! And thanks for the closeups. It looks like really straight cuts. Happy to see acetal being used, and hope that means we’ll be seeing some in our Proofgrade packs!

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Those belt buckles are RAD. :upside_down: Most excellent!


now you only need this in you belt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve been looking forward to seeing someone cut Acetal.

Don’t forget the holder for the “bat shark repellent” (extra pts for those that remember this) :grinning:


curious, can you “warm up” acetal in an oven or use a heat gun to bend it or give it a bit of curve? I’ve never used that material but could see some possibilties since it seems to cut quite nicely.

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Searches say yes, but you have to be very gentle.

Have you tried masking them prior to cutting? I find this helps with the smoke stains. even ordinary masking tape applied to both sides helps. It can also be engraved through if there is not much of a grey scale.