More Adobe Illustrator Help Needed

I am trying to create something similar to this in adobe. I already have the shape outline, now trying to figure out how to merge the text into the shape on the side like this photo.


Cut the heart shape, fit in the text, then merge the edges. The heart shape needs to be a filled shape, not a stroked line, so Expand that after you have cut the section out.


Ok so I made the heart shape filled… but when I put the text onto the side line of the heart and select merge, it still leaves me a filled heart shape, so how would I get it it back to just the outline of the word and heart together?

Okay, I wasn’t clear about that - sorry.

Put a stroke color on the heart. Make it a red stroke and only 1 pt thick. No fill on the heart yet. It’s going to look like a line at this point.
Put the heart shape on top of the text and cut it with the scissors tool so that there is a slight overlap with the text at the very edges.

Delete the section of the heart line between the arrows. That will give you a mostly heart shaped red path.

Increase the stroke width on the heart shaped path to be as wide as you want it to be - maybe 10-15 points. Select the heart shaped path and click Object > Expand.

Once you have expanded the heart, you will be able to select both it and the text and merge them using Path > Union. Just make sure there’s a slight overlap of the text and the heart path ends.


You are seriously amazing! It worked! I can’t thank you enough!!!


Glad to hear it! Post pics when you get it done, it looks cool! :slightly_smiling_face:


Will do!!

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