More Art Toys

These were cut on a Full Spectrum Laser I have at school. Its y axis isn’t perfectly perpendicular so each piece is slightly skewed and doesn’t line up quite right. I look forward to cutting them again on my Glowforge.


I wanted to comment on the first one as I scrolled down. And then, no. I wanted to comment on the second one. And then the third one!

All three, dangit! I like.


Adorable! I think the third is my favorite but they are all pretty cool. Will be interesting to see the results when you do them on the Glowforge. From here, it’s hard to imagine that they could be improved.

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Those eyes, though! are those masked, scored, and painted? Or inlaid somehow?


These are sooooooo cute!

My GF (Girlfriend) loves your creations!

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These really are so impressive.
I will certainly make things in this style is there any sort of Artistic Credit you want?
They will not be for sale, just gifts and personal use

The eyes are scored and painted with watercolor.
I posted a couple instructables on my process.


Just post them so I can see them. I love to see what others are inspired to make.

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Those three have a few small issues. I’m working on two more that are seriously messed up because of the FSL. I’m making them anyway, but they won’t be display worthy until I can recut them. I’m having to use my Dremel to sand the bottoms so they’ll even stand up.


I’d like to call the last one a “shmeeple”…ok ? …OK :+1:
edit: of the first 3 pics…so no confusion…ok?..OK


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