More Beer Caddies

Customized beer caddies for x-mas gifts for a Wisconsin Badger fan and Michigan fan. Made on Owyn’s Pecan plywood.


Very cool! Is it strong enough to take the down force of the bottle opener when they are losing?

Wisconsin, yes. Michigan, no.


You just made me thirsty for a beer:yum::yum:


Gosh, this is amazing! I love the bottle opener addition. Very cute!

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WOW! My Brother in law would love this. He is a big IPA man and loves to mix and match his 6 packs. This would be perfect for him next Christmas. So much for this new user to learn! Thank you for sharing with us :slight_smile:

Awesome! I really like the engraving/layout of the design.

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These look great! Very complete in the detail!

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Love the engraving!

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