More candy boxes


One really handy thing about have the Glowgforge is being able to make really cool custom thank you gifts quickly.

After interviewing at a new agency last week i wanted to thank the people i interviewed with. So after looking through their website i found these cool graphics of the cities they have offices in.

So i decided to make some candy boxes with these engraved on the sides and the company logo and their names on the top.

I even cut some custom cut thank you cards for inside.

I really love having this machine. :):grinning:


Exquisite! If that doesn’t get you hired…


Very nice touch!



And I’m jealous, I don’t have any potential employers around here worthy of such a gift… at least not unless I actually get hired at which point I am the gift. :smiley:


Yeah, talk about skewing the curve! Chuckle! :smile:
(They look great, as usual!)


Awesome! I predict you will be employed again pretty soon.


Wow … Quite an impression you’re going to make on them. Today … Most interviewers are surprised to get a thank you note. This will no doubt floor them!