More Cardboarding

Couldn’t help myself, so I tried something more complex (170 pieces). Sliced an STL ( and put it through Autodesk Slicer, and then tortured myself with assembly. 3mm Amazon shipping box.


Very cool, could you tell us what settings you used and how much issue with fire?

If I ever get that big 3d printer I will have to make a few in phosphorescent plastic with the lower arm to put around the garden :scream_cat:


This is cool! I am not that patient. :wink:


Not someone who needs a hand, but the perfect gift for the person who is always asking you to give them one.


Cuts were 225/100. Scores (the numbers and registration marks) were 350/6.

I’ve done quite a few things with cardboard now, and I’ve never had an issue with fire. I can see the glow between the layers but I’ve never had anything catch. I don’t even get that much scorching on the edges.


Assembly porn:



Definitely puzzling, but the pin registration a great thing. I might use bamboo kebab sticks and leave them in for added strength,

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that is really cool.

and yes indeed on the bamboo skewer idea!!!

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They really only line up layer-to-layer, so they don’t quite work like that. Hard to describe. The software does account for voids for dowels (or even pencils) to run through the piece for strength. Download it and check it out.

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  1. Super cool
  2. I wish there was an easy way to get a single-line font line that in Illustrator!

Very cool looking.
Almost begs for paper mache.

Although that would spoil the Laser look.

There is. The Illustrator script linked at the bottom of this post will do it (not the Hershey font).

Great job on the hand!

Very interesting! Celastic in thin strips for a mummy like look that would add a nice flavor to the garden ornaments and would be stronger and weatherproof!

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Striking! Now for a wooden version.

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This is neat!