More "cheap" storage solutions 😄

Having had more and more “stuff” build up on any flat surface or cubby hole. I am trying to at least separate the top from the middle from the bottom. or even get all the parts cut for a project together and not mixed up with other projects. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a pullout keyboard tray that was just collecting junk (I am using a laptop). and stuff was getting lost in the back, so I made some cardboard trays that could pull out like a drawer, and everything in the tray would come out without reaching to find what was in back.

I built it so the sides folded up and it took some pressure to sit correctly while the wood glue dried. After it dried I discovered that being under compression made it stronger.

cardboard tray

So like everyone these days, there is an endless supply of boxes about, and the big ones get cut up to be Glowforge fodder, and the smaller ones for shipping stuff out, with 8x10 inches a common size, So I made a bunch of shelves, and more trays to slide in, and in spite of being cardboard with the wood glue keeping joints tight, and not having everything perfect is stronger than if it was perfect the way truncated triangles are stronger than perfect rectangles.



Thanks for the share. I love ‘reorganization’… I just need to do more of it!!


These are great! Thank you for the share. I’ve been making a lot of boxes out of posterboard for my “tiered tray” sets, and have been surprised how strong they are.

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The great value of “slop” is often unrecognised. A nice array of parts at exactly 90-degree rectangles is much weaker than even 5 degrees of variation. I found this in making a heavy cart that was the door and floor of a large glass oven used to slump glass into various curves.


I would love to see an image of the final project build. Big thanks for the share.

Keep creating.

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