More cuts

I week and a half ago, I made a few items for a charity karaoke fund raising event, but haven’t turned on machine again til yesterday. I made a bunch of stuff the past couple of days, including 12 bookmarks for a church bible study group, 10 more wine glass name charms, a couple items from the catalog, and several items for home and friends, one using a design posted on the forum by @shop recently.

These trophies use both PG acrylic and Inventables stuff, and walnut from HomeDepot.

PG acrylic charm About 2 inches in size.

Black slate tile cheeseplate.

Laser tile affixed in top of box designed by @shop. Cut from PG maple

We were invited to a friend’s house in a couple of weeks for an authentic Korean BBQ. So I decided to make a sign that I will hang out front (without telling her) when we arrive. Her son in law is a world famous chef, and is also popular on the home shopping network selling kitchen gadgets so I hope to make him jealous (of her getting special attention). Cut from. PG maple. About 15 inches wide.

Good friends sent a gift to my son in the hospital while he was there for surgery so I am sending a gift to them this week. The family name is in raised letters, painted and glued in place Cut from PG maple. About 19 inches wide

The family initial, cut from PG draftboard. I will find some place for it. About 10 inches in size.

One of my favorite heart patterns, cut from PG draftboard. About 10 inches in size.


All this in a couple days? Woot!


Pictures of most of the stuff from this weekend have not even been posted. When I get a window of time with my GF, I try to use it effectively.


Man! I’ll say! Those are great and I love the heart - cool tree pattern! :grinning:


Wow! So many varied projects. They all look great!


I like the babies the best. :grin:

Beautiful work, looks like you hit the ground running.


i love how your laser tile turned out with the white background. i’ve tended to use dark background images on mine.


Impressive! Looking forward to your next post!

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