More Dashboard room for you to do you: 8/21/17 Latest Improvements



So far I think I like it. :slight_smile:

The side-panel is mostly wasted space though. Not sure if there’s a plan for all that space. If not, that one line can go back up to the top of the page and that’d give us another column for designs.

Thanks for the continued work!!!


We’ll work on making it more useful!


Hmm, neat.

I like how you are posting the latest updates here. It reminds me to check the updates.

Keep it up!


Three improvements for the hopper ( probably in there already)

  1. The ability to duplicate layers
  2. The ability to link layers
  3. The ability to download dashboard items.




One more thing,
Resize layer icons. They are kinda small, and I have a hard time seeing them.


Thank you for the improvement, and the update!