More edge lit acrylic

Some guy on the facebook page was trying to sell some for $40…lol

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These fit 4mm acrylic. Most of the acrylic in the US is thinner so I have 1/16" sheets that I cut a small rectangle and bond it to the bottom of the sign where it fits in the base. It fits very snuggly. There are ribs in the slot that you can shave down a bit if its too tight. I’ll post pics when I get in the office…


That same exact product? I could see $40 for an LED base that was unique, handmade, etc. but not that same thing! LOL


Not sure because he took it down within minutes because he got laughed at. He says he sells his signs, which are no bigger than the one I made, for $125. :scream:


Very cool!

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Here are few photos showing the additional piece I glue on to the 3mm acrylic sign so that it fits snuggly into the slot.

And these are where the tabs inside are that can be shaved a bit if its too tight.

sample.pdf (10.6 KB)
Here are the measurements for the spacer and the bottom of the sign. In inches.


Once again I am amazed at the generous way you share information with us newbies!


I use 6mm acrylic and put a small rectangle engrave on the bottom. I engrave a couple of mm deep (gotta dial in the power/speed to get it right but start conservatively and up it a bit for each run until you get it right). Then it fits snugly and I get full 6mm thick “panels” for really nice deep engraves (defracts the light better than shallow engraves).

I’ve also used the restaurant menu holders from ebay - they have something of a wave shape on the bottom. Traced the wave onto a piece of chipboard, photoed it and then traced it in Corel (that’s one thing the GF would do for me) so I had a shape matched engrave.


I etch more of a shallow frosted look which picks up the light very well. Very different effect than deep engrave so the 1/8" works well. But I guess you could do more of a 3D effect in the thicker material…may have to try that too…


I’ll run multiple engraves on a piece at different power/speed settings. That gets me the poor-man’s 3D engrave until I get my GF :slight_smile: A little more tedious to setup but makes for some cool results. I think I have one of a submarine I did this summer - I’ll post a pic if I dig it up (the prop on the back broke so I kept it instead of giving it to my submariner friends).

Right now I have to do a box for an old Remington Standard 10 typewriter (1913 mfg date) that I just finished rehabbing tonight for a friend (finally gave up trying to source a part - just made it myself so I could get the thing fixed for Christmas). He’s giving it to his journalist/blogger daughter so I thought a nice wooden case customized with her name, etc. would be a nice add. Even with non-laser gifts, the laser can add something :slight_smile:


I really appreciate your advice as well @jamesdhatch! I bought a couple of the LED bases off of eBay that you recommended a few months ago; just can’t wait to make my own lighted signs, and these hints from you and Stephanie are going to be so helpful.


So friggen cool, wow

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I only saw the posts referencing that original post. Whatever the market will bear, eh? (Now, to find that market…) :slight_smile:


Very cool! Have some great GF project ideas that these will be perfect for> Thank you!

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Thanks I ordered 2 for fun. Just received them in the mail. Came with a cool free pre-cut sample!


What?! That is super cool!

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Not sure if they include one in every order. The 2 bases came in a single box with the one sample darth!


They were throwing away some acrylic sign holders. I broke the backs off and harvested the flat area of plastic.

First attempt at scoring and cutting acrylic.


Isn’t quite thick enough. I will have wait and get some acrylic adhesive.


Looks like some good recycling! :grinning: