More Etching on Tile (inspired by glowforge1's post)


Loved the look of the etched ceramic tile in ‘glowforge1’s’ post, and i used to love Calvin and Hobbes, but haven’t thought about that comic in years, so i made one up. The coloring in the lines i used black acrylic paint thinned down. Smeared it all on the tile, scraped it off with a putty knife (it took almost all the outer paint off by itself) and there was just a little clean up with a damp cloth. I’m already wanting to do a 3 panel comic on 3 tiles mounted to a board maybe, or maybe a little stand to hold them.

Two more i made today, still need to do a bit of cleanup work on them .


Just picked up some of these tiles and hope to play tomorrow!


Nice job!


Looks great, the panel idea would make a great present.


Great result!


Looks great. Where did you get your tiles?


At Lowe’s, 81 cents each here, will be looking around to see if i can find them cheaper somewhere.


Thank You


We have a Floor & Decor near by. I will check it out.


Has anyone tried photo engraving and inking tile yet?


Yep. If by inking you mean “running a sharpie over the area and then wiping it back off”. Works fine, can’t go too high on the lpi if you want it to still look halftoned. Also should probably use a better technique to ensure uniform ink coverage :slight_smile:


Got a chance to try out this technique…I’m in love!! :heart_eyes:

Used a sharpie and wiped it with a babywipe and came off easily. The guy at Lowes already wants to buy some as he’s currently building a house.


Very cool! (And cheaper than the lasertiles.) :grinning: