More Faux Stained Glass Mickey Ears

I now have an Instructable on how to make these.


Nice write-up. Thank you for sharing!

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Kewl! :grinning:

These are amazing! Thanks for the write up too.

I really enjoyed the Instructable. Very cool idea to use food coloring in Mod Podge for the glass paint! For the leading, I have used black texture paste squeegeed across the engraving, and it’s even easier than applying paint—you might give that a try.

These are great and I love the colors. How translucent is the alcohol ink and hodgepodge mixture?

It’s pretty translucent, but it distorts the surface a lot.


This helps me a lot and sends me in the right direction. Thank you very much!

FYI: The first image has the painted side facing the camera and the other is pictured from the back.

I’m trying to find a good translucent agent for coloring my CMYK experiment. I was thinking alcohol ink, but I’ve never used it. I wonder if the modgepodge could be thinned down so it’s more consistent?

I used alcohol ink by way of some art markers on the first go around. I found that they were too streaky for my taste and some of the colors were not vibrant enough. Some of the lighter greens, blues, and yellows were barely visible. The bubbles and uneven texture looks more like old stained glass, and the colors were as vibrant as I wanted based on how much food coloring I used, so I went with the mod podge. The one in the picture below was a first attempt with the markers that got messed up when I tried to superglue the two layers of acrylic and the marker bled with the glue.
I assume you are trying to make colored acrylic that when overlapped creates the appropriate mixed colors. The mod podge could be applied more thinly for a more even effect though a couple coats may be needed.


I’m terribly curious if you used acrylic glue that wicks into the seam whether it would mess up the paint…gotta get some Mod Podge before I can test that :-/

LOVE the idea, and I have quite a few Disneyphiles so this is definitely going on the list!


Fun stuff! Nice write-up!