More Foil Fun

My husband is excited that I’m having so much fun with my :glowforge:. As it turns out, It’s much less expensive than my watch collecting obsession. Every minute I spend lasing stuff, is a minute I’m not at the Rolex boutique. BUT, I did make a little something to decorate my watch winder. :wink:

1/8" Green acrylic, Gold Laser Foil, Score 300/14 PRO


They would no doubt approve. :smiley:

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Where are you getting the foil and can it be applied to wood or any of the other products?

check out my other post, Foild Again, for details and links.


Thank you for sharing!! Looks awesome.

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I have been looking at this new fad in nail polish that does chrome, gold and whatever this is

FWIW I would probably call that color-shift

Indeed as that is what they call it, but different than shiny metal, and shiny metal or not would be far more awesome on an engrave than an ingenue.

Looks pretty good!


It looks great! I really like a touch of gold on things.

For an alternate source of laserable polyester film, try the Oracal 352 at There’s a nice variety of metallic finishes; I’ve got 3 of them and they work great in the Glowforge.


Another place that has Oracal 352 is US cutter.


We didn’t really ever pay attention to what it was actually made of and have this already. We use it on a 12” wide and a 32” wide vinyl cutter. Since it is laser safe I will start trying it on some projects. If it wasn’t for these foil posts I would have never thought of trying.

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nothing wrong with a good watch obsession.

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You should try nail foil. You apply on tacky polish and the foil sticks to it

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I have a bunch of oracal 351 foil but can’t tell if it is the same as 352. Any ideas?

I did a search and it seems to be polyester like the 352, so I’m guessing it will work fine.

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Says polyester on it but just wanted to make sure they didn’t slide anything else into the mix. Thank you for looking. Everything i see says it is pretty much identical.

352 is print-receptive for screen printing and UV printing (and I have heard that people print it with eco-solvent as well, but that’s not officially supported)