More Fractal Engravings, including my largest so far

I’ve been having a great time continuing my exploration of utilizing fractal tools to create engravings. Now that I have a better feel for the materials and the laser’s power, I’m pretty excited with the results. Here’s a couple of my recent productions.

This fractal tiling is added to a box

This 16" panel took over 2 hours of laser time, but I love it.

I’ve also shared my excitement with the fractal art community I hang out in, and have sponsored a contest with an engraving prize. It has been awesome watching a bunch of fractal wizards show off their approach to making engraving patterns, and I’ve got lots of new ideas to try.


Nice engrave - and I love your shirt, the dala horse and the news that fractal wizards exist.


Really like the thinking behind the boxes and sponsoring a prize too. Love it when math meets art

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Lovely shading on that engrave (and I love the shirt too).

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Wow! Cool engrave! A fractal art community! The creative world is rich with many rabbit holes!

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These designs are really cool. I love your shirt too!

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Yes, your shirt is very cool. Love the engraves.

Super groovy! Your fractal designs look great!! They are totally worth the engrave time.