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Someone resurrected this old thread, so here’s some more odds and ends… but about an update, not the original video!

All the Seattle scenes (the ones with Bailey + the team) and all the scenes of the Glowforge printing were shot in one hectic day. Things were crazy, and those early builds were flaky, so we didn’t get much footage of forges forging. A few weekends ago the director was in town so he stopped by and we re-printed a bunch of stuff from the video, which was super cool. He’s going to bang out a 60-sec version of the video with the new printing footage, so stay tuned for that.

This time, I ate the rocket after it was done. (Tasted like a s’more when you burn the outside).

The seaweed was glued to white acrylic for contrast onscreen - not actually recommended. Then we rastered it, so there wouldn’t be seaweedy bits floating around, instead of vector cutting it like we did it originally the first time (which gives you slightly smoother edges but doesn’t look as good on camera).

There’s a really cool scene where the camera headlights come on and the light curtains fade up, which was accomplished by @matt writing a tiny bit of custom firmware code and me closing the lid while chanting “one, two, three, ON!” while the camera rolled. But we have an accelerometer in the lid that can detect lid angle, so in the future…



As a full time video producer I love these little tidbits of insight. Thank you for this!!

I look forward to an updated video!!!

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@JeremyNielsen, the Glowforge user YouTube market is a wide open field. You might become the Matthias Wandel or Jimmy DiResta of a Glowforge channel. I was was thinking about YouTube this morning. With @jkopel’s getting a beta, that made this glimmer of hope shine on my own beta aspirations. I’m sure there are limits to what can be shown, but certainly the design, materials prep and finished products with the actual printing routine censored would make some cool video. Then I thought: I don’t have a decent camera or microphone and I have no video editing experience. So other than a one time un-boxing video, I think I’ll give up those aspirations.


@marmak3261 Shhhhhhh… I have been secretly thinking I will break into that field!! I am pretty far down the list of preorders so I’ll be one of the last ones to get mine. I’ll definitely be posting some videos/tutorials! :smiley: But shhhh… its secret. Haha.


Um, what if you like crunchy sushi?

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Used to run a small video editing and animation company out of a home office. Back when 1 frame of decent animation might take 4 hours of computer time. 4 hours x 24 frames/sec = 96 hours for 1 second. A little voice over work too but was content to be the geek in the process, never much for getting in front of the camera.


Wow. That is patience!

I have very little idea of what all of this means, and I feel like Joey in Friends. I.E. Clueless, but still happy.


I’m so hyped up for more Glowforge news that I’m practically vibrating out of my seat. I have absolutely nothing else to add, but I hate always being a lurker, so I’m just going to post this comment, and then wander off to click on more topics.


anyone planning to twitch stream their forge?

I intend on putting some stuff on YouTube. Nothing professional just for family and friends mostly. I have a few, very few, quad copter videos up now.

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I intend to dabble in the YouTube field. Not so much in a ‘How To’ way, more ‘This is what I do and how I do it’ way.

I haven’t any illusions about making money from it though, just a way to help market my online store when I get it going.

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Bless. :slight_smile:

I’m a full-time editor and have thought about doing videos as well, but then A) I realized I can’t shoot for crap and B) the reason I’m getting the GF is to do non-editing things with my time. :smile: