More inlay

Made this for my daughter to go on her tree… (She has a C5, along with her Challenger, 442…)

Mostly playing with delicate inlay. Not super pleased with the result but considering the whole thing is 3" wide, it’s actually quite good to the eye…


Glad to see the share for this one. I’m a huge Corvette fan, and have been for many years. The ornament is excellent. After all, your not trying to replace the hood logo. However, if you were I’d give this one a thumbs up for originality and execution!!

I did a C5 ornament for someone as well last week. :slight_smile:


Very nice! I’m sure we would be even more impressed if it were draped over a banana. My mind has trouble visualizing the size. :laughing:


You are so accommodating. Love it!

Looks good to me and at normal viewing distance no one will see any problems.

(This particular design could be made razor-sharp through the use of 2-color acrylic. I know they have both white-on-black and red-on-black.)

Out of likes, but you did an excellent job. Looks great!

Thx. She hung it on their tree right after I dropped it off along with her present.