More Jiging: Dogtag Jig

So I find myself suddenly making a bit more of dog tags then I previously had. It’s really annoying to have to deal with them on the crumb tray sooooo back to the ole inkscape I go, to lose my mind and free my creative soul.

a pretty straightforward jig really, the material is some leftover scrap PG draft board, I engraved the tage wells on the base layer and cut the outer rim. I made an identical layer for layer 2 to hold the tag in place. Having the hole left on the engraving allowed for me to be able to keep the dogtag on place so I didn’t have to worry about orientation of the tags, it’s all uniform.

Some of the tags I’ve been making in attempt to get some work with the bands they come from

Happy forging!


These look great !


Awesome practical cut to make your forging life easier. Your tags are very creative .


Thank you! This is the second jig I’ve made this week hahaha

Thank you!

Jigs are the answer to 90% of all GF problems. Make an L jig and keep it permanently in place

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I love cardboard for jigs. Always quick and available.

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Yeah I wanted something a bit more stable which is why I went with the PG draft board myself.

The jig is a great idea.


It works for most standard tags from the 3 brands iv tried and I’ve been having some great results!

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Got my black Anodized tags in over the weekend! I’m actually really liking the look!

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That looks more like powder coat than anodization. Anodized colors are usually flatter & without any discernible depth. Those look like there’s a paint layer.

It’s posted as anodized so I don’t know. Ether way it works pretty great imo! If it is a powder coat I might consider trying to figure out a method of doing it myself to save time and money