More Ornaments


I got some requests from friends, and started going to town on nostalgic/fandom tree ornaments.
Star Wars snowflakes come from, though I had to manually do a lot of editing, because some of them are pretty darn delicate when cut with a laser, and the downloadable PDFs don’t always contain the whole snowflake.


Hey I used the same ones! But my Boba kept breaking.


Boba Fett is extremely fragile, and so is Yoda if you don’t take out the age lines around his mouth. I modified the stormtrooper to make it more stable, too.


Star Wars Christmas! :smile::+1:


@potentato Here’s my take on the Boba Fett ornament. I decided to engrave part for some texture.

Thanks for the link. One of our sons is a Star Wars nut.


A little pleasant surprise happened when I printed this. I forgot to convert my text to outlines, but it worked anyway. Did printing text get implemented?


A lot of the Drawing programs convert it automatically when you save the file.


Did you save to PDF?




I used AI CS3. Maybe that’s what happened. Fine with me, since I use AI most. Although, my copy is old enough that I’ve been thinking about using Inkscape more.


If you set it up in the Save As SVG popout as Outlines that’s what happened.


Not intentionally… :smiley:


I like the little Orville you got going on there. I love that show more than the real Star Trek show that’s going on now.