More pairs of glasses?

Hi, got my pro today! For some reason I thought it had more pairs of glasses. I need to get some more for my kids. The ones included are $90/pair, but there are $45 ones on the same site. I’m trying to figure out what the $90 gets me that the $45 doesn’t.

What’s everyone else doing?


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The Pro glasses are available in the store here:, $29

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Your Pro came with pass thru shields already installed. No need for the glasses if you leave them in place.

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It is good to push safety with the children (and hope they remember it), but @rpegg got right to the issue.

Do not need extra eye protection with the Basic, and only difference is the pass though slots front and rear with the Pro.

Do not open//use the slots and your are Class I (basic) safety wise.

Thanks! I try to teach my kids to always have on eye protection. I’ve been in the ER 3 times in my life due to something in my eye while working. I ordered more pairs, but having only one pair means everyone will leave me alone while I’m glowforging…at least until the other pairs arrive lol.


Really? My Pro didn’t. Is this new? I thought we would get the guards shipped to us at a later date when they began manufacturing them.

They were inside with the power cord.

They apparently just started shipping the Pro Shields pre-installed. Hopefully it won’t be long before they send them to us.


Mine were shipped installed less than 10 days ago. The company is supposed to start back shipping the shields to the folks that have yet to receive them. No clue whether that would be tomorrow or next month.

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@rpegg - are you talking about the rubber flaps (standard on all Pro unites) or the metal safety shields that completely block the pass through slots? As far as I know, the metal safety shields have not yet started to ship, but I could well be wrong.

My unit was delivered the day before Thanksgiving. Had the metal shields pre-installed. Those that have received without will be back filled.

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As mine was shipped without the metal safety shields, I know they would be coming later. I just was not aware they were even ready to be shipped with new units. So far, I’ve had no problem using my Pro without them, but it will be nice to have them available in case I want them in the future.

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I got mine Friday and the safety sheilds and glasses were included. I didn’t know that they weren’t being included before.

@tonybarnhill the safety glasses have been included with all of the PRO units, but the safety shields are a new addition. I know they will be shipped to the rest of us in the near future. Hopefully, before the air filters are ready, but maybe at the same time :slight_smile:

Now if Glowforge would just advise us on cleaning them…

A yes or no, that’s all I need.

I know the Zeiss wipes are cool and all, but I prefer to use a fine woven lens cleaning cloth (less chance of scratching) with a little spray bottle of 50/50 vinegar and water.

(I had an optometrist recommend never using paper of any kind on lenses. It does create micro-fine scratches over time.)

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