More ready than yesterday


It’s 75 degrees on what normally would be a snowy February. What to do? Early this morning a friend and I picked up a 115 year old wood fired cook stove and installed it at his house. (3 hours) Then I ran down and repainted a local landmark (Moby Rock) and touched up the Turtle in North River. Both are about the size of a car. (4 hours). Lastly, did a little prep work for a future delivery. :glowforge:(Only 20 minutes)

Ready to go.


Are you saying what I think you’re saying? If so, yay!


Maybe I’ll pull a Dan and be imprecise. I do not currently have a Glowforge.


Oh. You dawg. Here’s hoping.

Nice flesh colored ear plugs you have there. :ear:

I almost thought you were going to pull a This Old Tony and magically push it through using stop motion and video trickery without having to cut a hole.

In any case your holes and vent look great. And I don’t have a rock hammer.


Oh, you are such a tease. I’ll try to wait patiently then.


Heheheheh…maybe they’re ahead of schedule. Fingers crossed! :smiley:


Here’s hoping that vent has some vaporized material going through it soon.


Nice job on the rocks, you the only one who pulls the restoration?
Thanks for the video!

@dan, Spock is ready for his pre-release! :wink:


First cut: banjo bridges!


But they MUST be done right! By somebody who really knows!


The wife is normally the painter and does much better detail work. Kind of the difference between her painting and my cartoon. Just figured since the water was unusually low and it being warm I would save her some bruises.


Subtle. :innocent:


Are you ‘the keeper of the rocks’? Or do you share the honor with other folks? Love them.


The wife was passed the baton for the Rio Turtle a few years ago from those that came before. The last couple designs have been hers. Other rocks like “Moby Rock”, a snail and a very worn green gator just visible in the first pic of the whale are all hers. They are all in the same section of the river.

You can see the difference between when my wife paints and when I do it. Notice the whale eye and the fins on my wife’s original painting. She’ll probably go back and fix it.

This is the type of restoration I could do.


I’m pretty excited. I didn’t know how to put a 4" vent in cinderblock before.


You can also do it with a 4" SDS core drill. I used one when fitting an AC unit in my house but I severely underestimated how much dust it would create. Afterwards I decided to redecorate the room!


I should note that it’s not always that easy. Some jurisdictions require the block to be filled with concrete.


I drilled through plaster board, blockwork and bricks. Are blocks filled with concrete any harder than house bricks?


Nah, was just thinking that with the drill I used it would probably take 4 times as long and hammering the hole would be more of a pain. But your drill or mine would work fine. (Wouldn’t want to hit rebar though)