More storage units

My wife wanted a storage unit for her embossing powders and glitter. I made a 4 tray shelf unit that fits on the bookshelf above her desk.


I like it. Very useful. I could use a couple like this.

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There is no end to organizing art and craft supplies! This is great for these.


Excellent practical cut.

Yes, it’s like a subset of crafting, isn’t it? I find that if I have time but not inspiration, that organizing some of my supplies is either satisfying or leads to inspiration…

The shelf trays are a great way to do this, I can see making something similar.


So I’ve made a couple of bits like this and found the wood shrinks overtime so I know glue them in case.

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Yes. I glue mine, and I allow at least 5mm clearance between the tray inserts and the shelves.

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