More than 10 referrals

Hi team,

I have referred more than 10 new Glowforge purchases through my referral link. After 10, the referrals page says to email you to get more “slots”. I did so, all the way back in August, and got the auto-reply that a support ticket was opened. It’s now several weeks later and I haven’t heard anything back. I’d like to continue referring new sales to y’all, can you let me know what’s happening?


Dang. I’ve never had even close to 10 people take my recommendations for Anything…


Had one referral, but he dropped out during the “Great Wait” of 2016/17. Always liked my GF but haven’t been able to recommend it in good conscience until very recently. It’s getting close to fully operational.


Fully (armed and) Operational


Is it OK to bump threads? It’s day 19 without a response on this. I’ve referred more sales to y’all since hitting 10/10 and can’t see the additional sales on the referral page. I want to keep sending you business…

My ticket from August just got a response, so I no longer need help with this. Thank you!

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Glad to hear you got a response :slight_smile: thanks for updating us here