More than 2 snapmarks needed?

Does anyone know if more than 2 snapmarks are needed if using the entire work area? I am working on a jig and will be using the entire 11x19 area and did not know if you could even use more than 2 snapmarks or if it would need more than 2 for that size of area?

AFAIK, two snapmarks is all you need. More than that might confuse the alignment software. (And in general the further apart you can get them the better.)


Thanks for the info!

Just conferming what @paulw said. Two is optimum, one will not work at all, and more will usualy work but introduces more oportunitys for the server to get confused.


You may be hard pressed to use the entire bed space without a little trickery. They need a little bit of room on both the left and right side for the head to be able to move to the area and still read/recognize them.

But if you have a void/cutout somewhere inside the design that will work fine too…

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or just put in in the middle of your design, and cover it with something else in the last step:

Introducing Nopemark


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