More time wasting maker stuff en-route

Got my notification from Prusa that my long backordered MMU (multimaterial unit) V2 is en route from Prague (amazing how fast Prusa gets stuff to you from the Czech republic (the guys who ship proofgrade should work with Prusa’s shipping dept. It’s normally 2 days from order to delivery from Prague to Boston)

my first MM print will be the Josef Prusa model:

The only annoying thing with this model is it is 5 color, so you can’t use one of the colors to be PVA dissolvable support material.

Not going to get a lot done for the next few days (although being on call all weekend will be dampening any tinkering anyway).


Oh, that will be so cool to see!

Prusa really is an amazing company and Josef is quite the leader. Their shipping is super.


I ordered mine ages ago too, can’t wait to get the shipping notice :slight_smile:


I would have bought a Prusa a long time ago for the MMU, but it seemed like they were having ongoing problems with it. I’ve got a Palette 2 Pro on pre-order to add to one of my printers; I haven’t decided which one yet.

This is the v2 version. A complete redesign.


Please report back!

Regarding your post title: time spent making is never wasted!

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How exciting!! I can’t wait to get mine! Love my MK3!

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The huge difference is it’s now direct drive, can do 5 colors, no longer has the crazy 4 Bowden tube setup into the “mixer”. And does not need to be removed for single filament operation. Also has a built in cutter to “fix” the end of the filament on problematic loading. Also with the new extruder design less jamming overall.

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