More typography and a desk name plate

It’s called A&S Cricket.

Thank you!

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Hello. Do you have svg files for these you would like to sell?

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This person has a very robust file business. Check out Big Blue Laser Designs


I sell many and give away many. I got scolded last time I told anyone here, so feel free to message me if you’d like more info. :joy: I also have a Facebook group of 12k+ people where I help people every day. Love to help you if I can!


You should put your web site in your profile. It was the first place I looked when I saw the question. Many of us don’t use failbook, myself included.


Will do! I used to be here every day, but I haven’t been here much in several years. Thanks for the reminder!

We’ve got groups of 40k+ where I help as many people a day as I can get to know their Glowforge (and other lasers). It’s rare that I run across a beginner who realizes the Forum is here anymore, so I spend most of my time there where they are searching. :heart: