Morning helper


I am lucky enough to own my own business. Part of my perks is my dogs come to work with me everyday. Sometimes thats not really a perk. I have 2 dobermans, the original “Velcro” dog. I can’t go anywhere without at least 1 right by my side. This morning one was being particularly needy and would not stray more than 1 foot from me, and if I looked like my hands weren’t doing something for more than 5 seconds, he made sure they did.

I told him that if he was going to be in the laser area, he needed to follow all the safety precautions.




I see he was more than happy to comply!
I spy a stack of black slate :star_struck: what was your source? I’m going to have to pay that visit to your place Curt, and meet your dogs!


4" coasters there, I also have cheeseboards. Come on down, they always like to meet new people. :smiley:


ROFL! What a cutie! Maybe you need to make him LSO? :smile:



Thank you!


Yes, a compliance officer.
A friend of mine is a pilot, and discussing the automation of commercial aircraft, he said there is a dog in the cockpit. The pilot is there to feed the dog, and the dog is there to bite the pilot if he touches anything.






Almost as good as my backup Laser Safety Officer.


What a gorgeous dog … A frame must be made for this photo!