Most metallic-looking acrylic cut edge?

Has anyone found an acrylic that looks reasonably metallic at the cut edge? The usual suspects (that I have found, anyway) only look metallic on the main planar surfaces, but I’m looking for an acrylic that looks reasonably (I mean, as far as acrylic goes anyway) metallic on the cut edges (I don’t, in fact, actually care much about the upper/lower surfaces).

…I don’t even particularly care which metal it looks like, as long as it looks somewhat metallic on the cut edges. It needn’t be perfect; I’m not trying to fool the observer, just going for the casual impression (so to speak).

…and now that I think of it, it needn’t be acrylic per se. Any laserable material would do.

Rub and buff might do what you’re asking, if it’s not going to be handled.


This might too:

I haven’t tried it though.

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Alas, the core of that material is just the background color (in this specific case, yellow). The metallic effect is only on the surface — it’s better than some of the other stuff I’ve found, but still not metallic at the cut edge.


Could you gold/silver leaf the edges?

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I’m worried about adhesion, but I think you’re right, I should give it (and rub-n-buff) a try for sure.

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I’d try one of the metal foil tapes. (Actual metal, and if you burnish it down, it is permanent for all intents and purposes.)

Metal foil tapes


Thanks for the tip @Ratel - you sound so knowledgeable!


I use a lot of the copper and aluminum tapes for plumbing repair jobs and inkjet printer refills. They’re kind of pricey but worth it - they’re water/air tight. You can even develop a verdegris on the copper tape.


Nice, I’d love to see what you do with it… :smiley:

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It’s not fancy…just repair work. So it probably wouldn’t be particularly interesting. But it does stick on there like stink. :smile:


Metal foil tape is definitely worth exploring, thanks!