Most trouble free unit?

I probably have one of the most trouble free units produced.

In over 7 years the only part I have replaced was the black cable.

So I was quite surprised when I fired up Gloworoski this morning and saw this:

Cleaned all mirrors and lenses but no change.

Any suggestions?

Well, the good news is that has nothing to do with the machine itself, just the cloud software. What happens if you re-open the file? Open a previous file?

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I am not getting the usual turn the machine on “Camera Dance.”
It is much shorter in time and fewer moves which might be the result of a software upgrade?
I have some overhead fluorescent lights but with a cover over the lid no change.

I’ve seen that too recently (over the last 1-2 months).
If it doesn’t wake up after 5 minutes, I power cycle it. That resolves the issue.

My suspicion: It was trying to download an update and got hung.

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Software updates are fully downloaded (even while printing if it doesn’t complete immediately following power-on) then checked before applying, which is then what you experience as a power cycle - the machine turns off briefly, then back on.

What you experienced was not a part of an upgrade cycle. Did it come back to life as normal?


No, I am still getting the same thing. I sent a report to the mother ship but no response yet.

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Sorry to hear.

I guess that some there was some sort of change (This is the present startup. Much different and fewer moves that previously. )
Anyway, everything seems to be working now.

Interesting. Mine has applied a couple of updates over the previous couple of days, but no change at start-up so far. They do stage the roll-out of changes.

The time between turn on and readies about the but fewer moves at startup

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